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The White House Wants Health Care "Disinformation"

So let's give them what they are asking for! Below I have crafted a letter that you can simply cut and paste into an email and send it off. In the interest of brevity I only included 5 points, but we all know I could have gone much further. Feel free to personalize it a bit. Send it to

*** Update 8/13/2009 ***

It seems as if some of the videos I originally posted below have mysteriously been taken down. I have been censored!!! I'm not really surprised, and it's certainly not going to keep me from putting the facts in your hands. I'm leaving the original links up, but I have updated the post and linked to the transcripts just below them.

2:11 PM: Okay, I can't quite figure out what is going on. My links were previously working, and today many of them went bust. I don't know if it was my error or something "fishy", but I've got them all fixed. Since I like to be 100% sure of things before I run with something I'm going to just let this pass, because I cannot prove anything. Admittedly, I may have been a bit quick to jump the gun on the whole censorship thing, but it all still seems a bit odd since everything was working previously.

*** End Update ***

To Whom it May Concern:

I recently came across your request on The White House Blog to send in anything “about health insurance reform that seems fishy.” There is certainly quite a bit of disinformation being circulated about the government’s plan to reform the health care industry. As a concerned citizen I felt responsible for complying with your request. Below I have listed a large sample of the disinformation that I have come across. Please note that there exists much more than what I have listed, and I would be happy to share as much as possible with you.

Disinformation #1
In the video cited below, President Obama states that we will “have a system the same way that Federal employees do.”

The Facts: The public system will not be the same as the one that Federal employees have. The Federal employees’ system lets them choose from over 200 private plans. The government system will be 100% government operated. If it is the same then why did the House Ways and Means Committee vote down an amendment that would require all members of Congress to enroll in the public plan? The reality is that the public plan is not the same; otherwise Congress would have no reason to refuse enrollment.
Voted Down:

Disinformation #2
In the video cited below, President Obama states “if you have insurance that you like then you will be able to keep that insurance. Nobody is trying to change what works.”

The Facts: The public plan that the Administration is pushing will fundamentally change all insurance plans across the nation. HR 3200, on page 16, ends enrollment in individual insurance plans. If anyone switches jobs, as most people will at some point, they must enroll in a government regulated insurance pool rather than searching for a plan similar to their previous one. Page 15 of the bill states that all insurance plans offered by private companies must meet certain requirements or else they will be illegal. The President’s claim from the previous video that no one will “mess with” you insurance plan is false. Page 15 of the bill proves it by laying the groundwork for a plethora of mandates that must be included in insurance plans.
HR 3200:

Disinformation #3
In President Obama’s press conference on health care on July 22nd he stated that his plan “will keep government out of health care decisions.” He also states “that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade.”

The Facts:
Page 423 of the House bill establishes a ”Center For Comparative Effectiveness Research, ” a government arm that will exist solely for the purpose of interfering in the health care decisions of the American people by regulating which types of care and medicine we can receive and which ones we cannot.
On the issue of the deficit, Congressional Budget Director, Douglas Elmendorf, has stated in a letter to Representative Dave Camp that “the proposal as a whole would increase federal deficits by $239 billion over the 2010–2019 period.”
Press Conference transcript:
CBO Letter:
House Bill:

Disinformation #4
President Obama stated in a press conference on June 23rd that the government “will also ensure that the reform we pass brings down the crushing cost of health care.”

The Facts: The CBO Director stated in his testimony before Congress that “the coverage proposals in this legislation would expand federal spending on health care to a significant degree.”
Press Conference Transcript:
CBO Director:

Disinformation #5

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that we need a public option “to encourage competition [and] to provide better care at a lower cost.”

The Facts: We already have government run health care systems with Medicare and Medicaid, and they are failing on multiple levels, namely quality and economic sustainability. MedPac, the very agency responsible for oversight of Medicare and Medicaid, has recently reported on "serious shortcomings in quality as well as the absence of real progress toward restructuring health care systems to address both quality and cost concerns."

Addressing her claim on “competition,” the public option will only lead to a complete exit of private insurance companies from the market and be left with a single payer system. If you are unfamiliar with a single payer system it is nothing more than a 100% government controlled health care system. This happened in Florida with property insurance, and it will surely happen with health care.
Video of Pelosi’s statement:
MedPac Statement:
WSJ article on FL property insurance:

As I said before, there is plenty more disinformation being circulated, but I do not have time to gather all of it. I would appreciate you following up with the President and various members of Congress so that they may have the facts and stop the spread of this disinformation. Thank you for your help.


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